Matt Crowley

Councillors Approve Further Consultation For New Arena Placement and New Development Strategy, While Amending Tenting By-Law and Declaring Intimate Partner Violence an Epidemic
Following the introduction of the 2024 Draft Budget on November 6th, Peterborough City Council convened for General Committee where they provided initial support for the continuation of feasibility studies related to a new Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre, a Community Planning Permit System, and adopted an important motion to recognize Intimate Partner Violence an epidemic.
Council Sets Tax Increase Guideline for 2024 Budget
Following seven hours of meetings, Council passed a motion to recommend a range for Staff of 4.5%-5.5% which passed 9-2 with Councillors Keith Riel and Dave Haacke voting against. The decision will be ratified at the next Council meeting on August 28th.
"Just Say Yes": The Theatre on King Celebrates Ten Years of Weird
On July 14th it invited donors and community members to come out and celebrate its 10th birthday with a party held in the venue’s back parking lot featuring an eclectic line-up of performances.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
Episode 4! We finally have local music to serve as the official #PtboPoliPod theme! Big shout out to Garbageface for supplying us with these bangers. The second is that we hosted our first guest on the show, Councillor Matt Crowley, who joined us to talk about his experience as a new City Councillor.
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