Michelle Ferreri

"Setting the new standard": Advocacy Group Support Our Science Celebrates Wins in Federal Budget
The grassroots movement Support Our Science is celebrating a win following the announcement of increased funding for graduate and post-doctoral scholarships from the Federal government in Budget 2024. While this is a positive step forward some say that more work needs to be done to support every student at Canadian institutions.
Michelle Ferreri Visits City Hall; Other Matters Facing Council Resolved On Consent Following Delegations
Peterborough-Kawartha MPP Ferreri provided an update on the most important issues facing residents of Peterborough and people across Canada housing and cost of living. Also, the Waste Management Master Plan was Approved Following Delegations
Editorial: Institutions and Leaders Continue to Fail Us
Co-Editor Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay gives a run-down on the ineffectual leadership on display around the Trent and Peterborough community.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
Episode 5 is here! MP Michelle Ferreri's Twitter account got HACKED! ONDP Leader Marit Stiles paid Peterborough a visit. There was another LEAK in the CREEK. The Theatre on King didn't get funded. And we finally found time for DRAMMMA!
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