Nate Silas' "Wandering Lunacy": More Than Just a Charity Single
On Friday, January 19th, 2024, Nate Silas released his new single called “Wandering Lunacy”. Silas is a singer-songwriter and folk music artist from Langford, British Columbia, who uses lyrics as a way of storytelling.
Study Hack for Gamers
After spending many days and nights trying to get one of her 5 million essays due done, Abbigail has figured out the perfect way to trick her mind into staying focused... make it think it's gaming!
In Love With the Paradox: A Review of ENANTIODROMIA by garbageface
Local doom rapper and industrial soul artist garbageface releases his upcoming album "ENANTIODROMIA" on December 21st, 2023. Three weeks before its release, co-editor and industrial music enjoyer Evan Robins digs into this LP brimming with harsh beats and heavy bars to bring you an off-kilter appraisal of the newest project from her favourite local lycanthrope.
Radio Free Arthur
Happy Tortured Poets Department release day to all who celebrate! Having listened to all two hours of the extended "Anthology" edition of this most recent emission from the Queen of jet-setting herself the editors get down and dirty in the lyrical content of the album.
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