Till Death Do Us Part: Injustice in Marriage as Seen in Vasili Pukirev’s The Unequal Marriage
Located at Galerie Tretiakov, The Unequal Marriage is a timeless painting that puts into perspective the realities of 19th-century Russian marriage. Although it caters to the era in which it is contextualized, it explores themes that are still prevalent to this day; gender and class dynamics.
Home, Through an Artist's Eyes: The Climenhage Project
Irene Suvillaga explores local artist John Climenhage's newest installation 'The Climenhage Project' which is now being exhibited at Sadleir House. Through a personal lens, Irene navigates the artist's work and style, expressing the exhibit's uniqueness and captivating idiosyncrasy. Climenhage's philosophical approach provides an immersive component that invites the viewer to ruminate on, appreciate and experience beauty in every day life Peterborough.
'For All That I Learned From You' : Trent's Broken Promise to its Students
In 2019, the TCSA approached Daniel Crawford and Hannah Spinney to paint a mural outside their office in the Student Centre. Mid-way through the project, the TCSA learned that the mural was in violation of their lease agreement with the University, and was destroyed.
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