Peterborough Demonstrations for Ceasefire in Palestine Continue Into the New Year
The morning after a frigid blizzard, activists and community members gathered in Confederation Park on January 13th to rally for ceasefire in Palestine. This demonstration marks a series of protests, rallies, and vigils being held by community groups to break complacency and show solidarity with the people of Gaza.
To All Those Who Are Neutral In Today’s Holocaust
If you have ever wondered how the world allowed the Holocaust to happen, pay close attention to the silence today. The State of Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza, having killed about 5,791 Palestinians, displacing a further 1.4 million Palestinians, and bombing hospitals, bakeries and places of worship.
Editorial: How It All Hangs Together
In this editorial, Nick Taylor reminisces on the year that has been and all that it requires of journalism. They also attempt to weave a few seemingly-unrelated stories together: CAUT's censure on UofT, the bombing of Al Jazeera and Associated Press offices in Gaza, and the felling and beheading of a statue of Egerton Ryerson.
Radio Free Arthur
With two weeks having passed since the editors last properly sat down together, there is so much to catch up on. From several new articles from Arthur journalists, a breakdown on the latest from Peterborough City Hall—including the new waste collection program—and the much awaited 2024 budget, there's much to talk about and only so much t
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