Personal Essay

Living With An Invisible Disability
A disability is defined as a limitation or impairment, either physical or mental, which makes it more difficult for an individual to do certain activities (activity limitation), or interferes with their ability to interact with the world around them (participation restrictions). There are both visible and invisible forms of disability, which can impact the way a person is able to participate in society. It does not mean, however, that someone diagnosed with a disability is unable to live a rich, fulfilling life. It simply means that they may need different accommodations and supports, while still respecting the person’s individual autonomy.
Maybe They Have to Poop
Following a chance incident during a snowstorm, Daniel Morris contemplates how we ascribe intent to others and suggests a new way to extend the benefit of the doubt.
The Effects of Quiet Racism — A Personal Essay
It’s like saying a lion doesn't mean to scare away a gazelle by approaching it. Even if the lion has no intention of hurting the gazelle, how is the gazelle supposed to know that? How is the gazelle supposed to recognize which lion will eat it and which lion just wants to get a drink from the oasis? Maybe it’s the fact that a body of water with a lion near it can never be an oasis for a gazelle.
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Personal Essay