Personal Essay

Fat Sluts Against Nature
As I freeze half to death in the little basement plastered with charcoal drawings of nude men and women I call home, I prepare an article that will answer the question on the lips of all the six year olds I deem fascists for even asking “mom, why does that lady look like that?” That’s right, dear reader, this article is the final answer, the ultimate and absolute truth about why fat transgender sluts exist, and why we “look like that”.
Cinevangelism with Evangeline Robins Presents: Interlude the Second (The Corporate Sell-out Pride Month Special Edition): “The Clocky Horror Picture Show” or, a comprehensive account of my scopophilic transsexual flirtations with the medium of horror film.
LET'S BREAK THE WORD COUNT AGAIN! It's that bloody time of the month once more—none other than Evangeline's latest monstrous film column creation. This month our pure heroine expounds about the hallowed genre of horror, and just how exactly it made her a homosexual. But if you want to find out, you're going to have to click on it!
Living With An Invisible Disability
A disability is defined as a limitation or impairment, either physical or mental, which makes it more difficult for an individual to do certain activities (activity limitation), or interferes with their ability to interact with the world around them (participation restrictions). There are both visible and invisible forms of disability, which can impact the way a person is able to participate in society. It does not mean, however, that someone diagnosed with a disability is unable to live a rich, fulfilling life. It simply means that they may need different accommodations and supports, while still respecting the person’s individual autonomy.
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Personal Essay