Peterborough City Council

Fluff Found at City Hall General Committee
City Councillors returned to city hall on the evening of August 8th after a month-long summer break. On the table for discussion this evening was the recently passed Bill 23, or “More Homes Built Faster Act”.
New Sports Arena on the Top of City Council’s Christmas List
Peterborough City Council met for General Committee on the evening of June 19th in what is sure to determine which Councillors will land on the naughty list this year. 
Are White People Getting Enough Representation? City Hall Meets For General Committee
Peterborough City Councillors met on June 12th for General Committee. On the agenda were seven reports for consideration.
Peterborough Politics Podcast
Episode 11! We talked about the STIGMA that seeps from the pores of Conservative MPP Dave Smith as well as Police spending $185,505 (plus annual operations costs) to install 12 CCTV cameras in Peterborough's downtown, plus much more!
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