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“We are trying to stop the cycle”: Peterborough’s Modular Housing Units First Six Months are a Success
During the General Committee meeting on the evening of March 11th, Homelessness and Data Program Manager, Jocelyn Blazey, along with the Modular Community Project Manager, Jessica Penner, offered a six month update on the Modular Bridge Housing units which opened in November of last year.
Council Moves to Defer Report on CMHA and Peterborough Drug Strategy Funding Pending Agency Presentations
On September 5th, 2023, Peterborough City Council moved to defer a report on funding for CMHA and the Peterborough Drug Strategy until they could hear presentations from agencies who deliver supports for marginalized individuals in the community.
Money Trees Not Expected to Grow at City Hall
Peterborough’s City Council met for a final council meeting before their summer holiday for a night generously described as hostile, misinformed, and out of order. Delegations proved to be both informative and completely unhinged. 
Peterborough Politics Podcast
We're back at it again like clockwork for Episode 2 of the Peterborough Politics Podcast. This week we delved into the latest city council meeting, specifically the deferral to add stronger language surrounding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to the community safety and well-being plan and exciting Waste Management changes.
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