Peterborough Pride

Editorial: I Don't Want Your "Support"
In the crisp early morning of September 20th, 2023, a group of people congregated outside of City Hall. Despite the sunny weather, the atmosphere was bleak. Attendees appeared bedraggled—demoralized not only by the early time of morning, but equally by the matter at hand. One notable absence, meanwhile, came in the form of the Trent Central Student Association.Whereas many students made the decision of their own conviction to attend, and some professors went so far as to cancel classes and encourage students to attend the counter-protest, the body possessing theoretically the largest potential for mass student mobilization stayed silent on the matter
"Gender Ideology" Protesters Met With Substantial Opposition in Peterborough
A large crowd of counter protesters gathered outside of Peterborough City Hall on Wednesday September 20th to send a clear message that Trans and Queer youth are welcomed in our community.
Meet the Queens Carving Out Queer Space in Peterborough
In this Pride feature, Nick Taylor interviews three of Peterborough's most beloved drag queens: Betty Baker, Just Janis, and Sahira Q. We take you to the front row of one of their shows, discuss what it means to be part of a drag family, and ask what it's like to be a drag queen in Peterborough.
Radio Free Arthur
With one Editor out of commission due to exposure, the remaining Arthur Editors, Abbigale Kernya and Evan Robins, discuss the past week in Peterborough news as Arthur returns to the airwaves. In this episode, we discuss the recent Peterborough Pride Week and the growing movement of hate being directed toward queer and trans communities.
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