Protests / Rallies / Demonstrations

Peterborough Mobilizes Against the Genocide of the Palestinian People
On November 4th, the Peterborough chapter of the International Socialists hosted a demonstration at King Edward park, protesting Israel’s ongoing genocide on the Palestinian people.
"Gender Ideology" Protesters Met With Substantial Opposition in Peterborough
A large crowd of counter protesters gathered outside of Peterborough City Hall on Wednesday September 20th to send a clear message that Trans and Queer youth are welcomed in our community.
Anti-Abortion Protestors and Schoolzones
Angela Slater Meadows investigates the possibility of a by-laws preventing anti-abortion protests in schoolzones in the Peterborough area.
Radio Free Arthur
All three of Arthur's editors are back in one room again as they discuss the Trent Central Student Association's new strategic plan, Trent's Board of Governors' response to Head of the Trent. Spoiler alert: Its sucked.
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