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How Does Peterborough Police Service Investigate Sexual Assault: Part 2
In this follow-up, Elizabeth Mitton dives deeper into the changes that resulted from the findings of Robyn Doolittle’s 2017 “Unfounded” investigation for about how Canadian Police services handle sexual assault investigations. Specifically, Elizabeth details the local effects: the changes made in the Peterborough Police Services policy around sexual assault investigations. This piece outlines these changes in great detail.
How Does Peterborough Police Service Investigate Sexual Assault: Part 1
In this article, Elizabeth Mitton dives into Robyn Doolittle’s groundbreaking 2017 Globe and Mail article, “Unfounded” and the impact it had in police precincts across Canada. At the time, Peterborough stood out in this investigation with rates of sexual assault allegations classified as ‘unfounded’ exceeding both the provincial and national rates. Mitton examines the realities behind these numbers and the commitments made by the Peterborough Police Service in response to this investigation..
City Council Approves Police Budget Increase
Spencer Wells reports on the City's decision to increase the Peterborough Police Service (PPS) budget by 2.43% amidst calls from Black Lives Matter Nogojiwanong to defund the police, and re-allocate those funds to social services. Learn more about how the PPS budget gets drafted each year.
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