Peterborough Police Service

Arthur’s Guide to the 2023 Peterborough City Budget: A Shamefully Editorialized Account of the Machinations of Municipal Politics
After a month of finance committee meetings and painstaking debates on everything from paramedics to pickleball, the City of Peterborough finally has a 2023 budget. Arthur has been on the ground covering the deliberations and drama as it unfolded: These are the highlights
$29.1M Police Budget Presented by Chief Stuart Betts Outlines a "critical juncture"
The Peterborough Police Service remained adamant on their previous budget ask of $29.1M for 2023 after Council asked new Police Chief Stuart Betts to provide input two weeks prior. The budget outlines 11 new positions meant to address growing concerns within the service.
Police Services Budget Presentation Passed with Amendments Calling for Further Consultation
Peterborough’s Police Services budget presentation was adopted following an amendment from Mayor Leal which called for further study of the budget in consideration of its impacts on future fiscal years.
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