Peterborough Transit

Council Ratifies Transit Recommendations, Improved Routes and Restored Funding Among Key Short-Term Wins
Peterborough City Council voted unanimously to ratify the recommendations contained within a staff report on modifications to transit, including recommendations arising from the Peterborough Transit Liaison Committee (PTLC) during a meeting on September 25th.
Back to Business for Trent's Central Student Association
The Trent Central Student Association's Board of Directors gathered for the first time this academic year to discuss committee appointments, executive reports, and the perennial issue of Peterborough Public Transit
Arthur's Complete Guide to Tax Rate Increases and the Implications for You
Arthur staff were there on the ground during the seven hours of budget presentations in order to ensure we could bring to our readers the highlights and implications of Council’s decision to move on a budget guideline and what it could mean for you and the future of this City.
Radio Free Arthur
With one Editor out of commission due to exposure, the remaining Arthur Editors, Abbigale Kernya and Evan Robins, discuss the past week in Peterborough news as Arthur returns to the airwaves. In this episode, we discuss the recent Peterborough Pride Week and the growing movement of hate being directed toward queer and trans communities.
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