Love and Chainsaws: Why you should read the Chainsaw Man manga (if you haven’t already)
Arthur’s resident enthusiast for all things horrifying, dark, and gory is back, with her sights set on the final frontier: manga & anime. This time she’s jumping into Tatsuki Fujimoto’s critically acclaimed Chainsaw Man, an over-the-top thrill ride filled with demons, public servants, and – of course – chainsaws.
Blood Quantum is the Indigenous-led Horror Movie You Have Never Seen
In this article, Evan Robins reviews Jeff Barnaby's 2019 horror film, Blood Quantum, about a zombie plague that Indigenous people are immune to. Robins takes stock of every component of this film -- its plot, its cinematography, its gore, and ultimately, she recommends it!
Trying To Get Inside Bo’s Head After Watching Bo Burnham’s Inside
Lucas Schaefer reviews Bo Burnham's new comedy special, 'Inside' -- a self-reflexive and self-deprecating take on one comedian's journey to create a comedy special entirely alone and in one single room.
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