A Comparative Review of Oppenheimer and The Imitation Game
Community Contributor J.A. Forrester explores the relationship and similarities between two Second Word War era biopics released nearly a decade apart.
My Barbie, My Self
Barbie still transfixes me. When I look at dolls with children, they may prefer Monster High or LoL dolls, but I get a look at what is going on with Barbie in those minutes before I buy the inferior doll requested by the child I am shopping with. Is this child transfixed by the monster high doll? Yes. I watch her brush her hair and perch the doll on her night stand.
Am I Become Stale, Destroyer of Cinema?: A Review of Oppenheimer
In a three-hour runtime that found itself meandering at times, and struggled to fruitfully address b-plots, I found a disheartening lack of Japanese and Indigenous perspective or reference in this film. The story of Robert J. Oppenheimer is more than just a tale of philosophical and ethical quandary, there is a less than subtle layer of American exceptionalism wielded in the face of one of the most depraved war crimes in modern military history.
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