Binary Sea - Elden Ring Review: First Impressions
Cameron Noble reviews 'Elden Ring' declaring the game a 'triumphant moment' for video games, unpacking how it subverts trope and cliche and immerses the player in an entirely new world.
Be A Goldfish: How Ted Lasso is Changing the Game for Male Mental Health in Television
Bethan Bates reviews ‘Ted Lasso,’ a TV series starring Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, and Juno Temple about an American football coach who moves to London to coach a Premier League (British) football team.
Fallout New Vegas: An Introduction to Politics
Can a video game about a post-nuclear fallout future set in Las Vegas change your understanding of the present political moment? Cheyenne Wood reviews Fallout New Vegas and dives into the twisted future and the political realities it reflects.
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