Allen Barnier is a testosterone-injected Journalist for Volume 58 of Arthur. He’s an English Literature and Teacher Education student at Trent University, and is from St. Thomas, Ontario. They specialize in research-based writing in connection with social issues, as well as local interviews and book reviews.

So far, Allen’s work has only been featured in the most prolific setting—his mom’s fridge. Apart from this impressive feat, they have earned multiple local awards with his writing in his hometown, including the Bob McCaig Sweetgrass Award for Community Education, and the Tammi Thwaites Scholarship for Language.

Allen is frequently seen in a film-accurate Spider-Man suit working on a crossword puzzle that they will most likely never finish.

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The NHL’s Swedish King, Börje Salming
Swedish hockey superstar turned legendary Toronto Maple Leaf, Börje Salming, had a nearly two decade-long NHL career—and is still impacting the sport, even a year after his death.
From Clay to Kiln: An Interview with Sara Scheuermann of Steaped Slow Ceramics
Sara Scheuermann started Steaped Slow Ceramics in early 2019, and sells unique, handmade pottery that can become part of your daily ritual. She recently moved to Peterborough, Ontario, and I had the pleasure of learning more about her business’ philosophies, her creative process, and her community experience in the Kawarthas so far.
Concussion Central: Regulation Slap Fighting
An open-handed deep dive into slap fighting; the rules, the dangers, and the appeal of the brutal sport.
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