Sexual Violence

Board of Governors Dives Head First Into Summer Following Shallow Discussion
Trent's Board of Governors was in a race to get out for summer break as they rushed through the approval of important, and arguably misleading, reports.
Hockey and the Toxic Culture It Breeds
Owen Harrison explores the ways in which a toxic culture that protects star players is palpable at all levels of the sport.
Western Responds to Campus Rape Culture Crisis: Individualized Responses to a Structural Problem
In this third and final article in the Western sexual assault series, Arthur will delve into the policy changes that Western University has implemented since the alleged O-week incidents, get an expert’s opinion on whether these changes are enough to protect Western’s students, and contextualize this issue as a phenomenon not solely unique to Western, but as an issue that is reflective of Ontario’s campus-wide rape culture crisis.
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Sexual Violence