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Trent University Dons Speak Out About "Exploitative" Working Conditions
A months-long investigation by Arthur has revealed that the Residence Life Don position at Trent is far from being a university student's dream come true. From an unpredictable discount on residency, meagre compensation, to the very integrity of the job—being a Don is not as lavish as it is made out to be. Dons across Trent’s collegiate residences have come forward accusing Trent of fomenting a culture of overwork in which dons are underprepared and undercompensated for the emotionally and mentally demanding job they are asked to do. 
I Stopped Taking Photos: Reflecting ‘Living in the Moment’ in the Digital Age
As I went to create my March dump for my Instagram story, I realized something: Other than screenshots regarding my mobile game addiction and things I might buy online, I literally had no photos to reflect the last month of my life. 
Managing Your Mental Health this Winter Season
This article promotes mental health management during the winter season. It provides tips for coping with seasonal depression and promotes self care. As well, it encourages individuals struggling with their mental health to reach out to counselling services.
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