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Groarke statement on encampments "did not address anything" student group says
As Trent students, faculty, and community members gathered for a rally on May 15th as part of an all-day sit in in support of Palestinian liberation, questions remain about Trent's response.
Trent Students Hold Sit-in in Support of Palestine 
At 8:00 AM on the morning of May 15th, Trent University students, faculty, and community members congregated on the West bank of Trent’s Peterborough campus at the corner of Nassau Mills Rd. And Water St. for a sit-in protest in support of the people of Palestine
Trent and Modernist Architecture
During the 1950s, the “International Style” came to Canada. This style of architecture, also referred to as “international modernism” rejected the ornamentation of the decade's prior dominance of art-deco and lasted from about 1917-1965. This movement had a strong influence on Trent University's Lead Architect, Ron Thom. Cameron Noble tells the story behind what makes Trent's Peterborough campuses unique across Canada.
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