TCSA Referenda

February 11th TCSA Board of Directors Meeting: Proposed By-Law Amendments Take Centre Stage
The February 11th Trent Central Student Association Board of Directors meeting saw multiple heated discussions, and the announcement of new measures, from $12,000 of funding for Sadleir House put up for referendum, to by-law amendments simplifying the TCSA’s internal impeachment processes.
Editorial: Remember What You Read
A newspaper doesn’t exist to pacify the feelings of a community or those elected to do a certain job. Threatening student jobs and making student journalists feel unsafe on their own campus for doing their job is not equivalent to having an article written about a policy decision you or your friend implemented, protest(s) you failed to execute, or meeting(s) you failed to attend.
Bowlcut: How To Fuck Yourself and Your Student Newspaper: A User's Guide
Fuck Arthur! What pleasures may be found online for the low-low price of $12.89? Read to find out.
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TCSA Referenda