Tom H.B. Symons

Trent and Modernist Architecture
During the 1950s, the “International Style” came to Canada. This style of architecture, also referred to as “international modernism” rejected the ornamentation of the decade's prior dominance of art-deco and lasted from about 1917-1965. This movement had a strong influence on Trent University's Lead Architect, Ron Thom. Cameron Noble tells the story behind what makes Trent's Peterborough campuses unique across Canada.
An Interview With Chancellor Stephen Stohn
On a sunny early August afternoon, the editors of Volume 58 had the pleasure of sitting down with the inimitable Stephen Stohn, Chancellor of Trent University, Executive Producer of Degrassi and numerous other TV series, and (perhaps most famously) the very first editor of Arthur. 
A Farewell to Tom Symons
Michael Eamon, Trent professor of History and Principal at Traill College reflects on the unmatched legacy of founder Tom Henry Bull Symons who passed away in the early hours of the New Year. From Symons' work building Trent, to his famous "Symons Report", to his love of teaching, Professor Eamon relays the incredible life of this inimitable Canadian from the perspective of a friend and colleague.
What's the Point?
Have you ever procrastinated in Bata Library long enough to take in the paintings? fallen in love with Peterborough? taken a science credit with an arts credit and felt like your brain was bending? felt that you had learned just as much outside the classroom as inside if? If so, probably have Tom Symons to thank. Listen to our show.
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