In the early hours of January 1st, 2021, Prof. Thomas Henry Bull Symons died peacefully at his home in Peterborough, ON. As the founding President of Trent University, his legacy is rich and far-reaching. This podcast tells the story of how Prof. Symons established a small, collegial, interdisciplinary university, and went on to devote his life to teaching and learning. Through the words of his students and friends, we attempt to articulate his humility, curiosity, and love for students.

Many thanks to our interviewees: Professor Michael Eamon, Kathryn Matheson, and Dr. Brendan Edwards for their time and their words. 

Thanks also to Professor David Tough, and Chancellor Stephen Stohn. Hearing about Prof. Symons, vision, values, and legacy stirred in us joy, respect, gratitude without measure. 

Above all, thank you Professor Symons. 

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