Transgender and Transness

Spider-Trans: The Arachnid Gender Allegory in “Across The Spider-Verse”
Author staff writer Allen Barnier examines the trans subtext laid in Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy's characterization in the 2023 film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, weaving a web between transness, fanon, and everyone's favourite web-slinger(s)
ReFrame Review: Orlando, My Political Biography
Louane Morin reviews director and writer Paul B. Preciado's film Orlando, My Political Biography, a documentary which interpolates Virginia Woolf's protagonist of the same name as a bastion of transgender rights.
Happy Birthday, Evangeline Robins
Arthur's pre-eminent co-editor reflects on the curious fact of her transition reflecting her time at her most beloved rag.
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Transgender and Transness