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Trent Varsity Volleyball Teams Go "Balls Deep" in First Games of 2024
Arthur's Ian Vansegbrook brings his signature reporting style to bear upon the Trent University Varsity Volleyball teams as they continue their 2023/24 season. Along the way, he picks up some new lingo from the eager players as well as another dinner order from the women's team.
A Packed Shack: Trent Varsity Volleyball Play Home-Opener Games
Over the November 17th home opener weekend, hundreds of students packed the "Shack"—the Trent University gymnasium—in support of Trent's varisty volleyball teams in their double-header against Guelph. Arthur's intrepid correspondent of all things volleyball was there to sus out the buzz and tell the hard hitting truths about Subway sandwiches and volleyball moms.
Trent University Has a Branding Problem
Most people likely give Trent's logo little-to-no thought. Luckily, Evan Robins is here to ruin another beloved Trent institution! In this article she dives into the background of Trent's symbolic sword, and answers the question as to whom it belongs.
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