Dante Pettapiece

Dante Pettapiece (he/him/they/them) is a writer who believes strongly in the merits of a free and independent press, despite not being a journalistic type human himself. He is an English major currently focusing on creative writing, as well as an award-winning composer of classical-contemporary music. Outside of writing of all types, he is also enthusiastically curious about film photography, environmentalism, politics, postmodernism, and puzzles.

The Arthur Literary Review: Don DeLillo's Deafening Silence
Dante Pettapiece serves up his latest edition of The Arthur Literary Review. This time the recently released Don Delillo, The Silence.
The Arthur Literary Review: Charles Yu Wants You To Know That There Are More Asian Stars Than Kung Fu Guy
The second instalment of the Arthur Literary Review! brought to you by reviewer Dante Pettapiece and Charles Yu - author of 'Interior Chinatown'.
The Arthur Literary Review: Author Emma Cline Doesn't Have Daddy Issues
Arthur Contributor Dante Pettapiece reviews the recently published collection of short stories, "Daddy" by Emma Cline. This is part of an ongoing column.
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