Francene Francis

On Trent Land: 'Sus'tainable
With the recent approval of the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan, including all the sustainability promises it promises, Francene Francis reflects on the current sustainability of the Symons campus. The Lands Plan is meant for holistic, ecological development that will improve life, work, and play on the Trent campus. Using the three pillars of sustainability as a guideline, she examines Trent’s sustainability framework and the plans folded into the new guiding document.
On Trent Land: Wildin'
Habitat destruction and fragmentation is often a common side effect of human habilitation and expansion projects. How will the Trent Lands and Nature Areas Plan (TLNAP) affect the feeding relationships on the Trent campus and its surroundings? Let’s examine the situation through the lens of two top predators in the Trent natural community.
On Trent Land: Ashes to Ashes
Trent is planning for many changes in their Lands Plan. Utilizing more of their property, they want to expand the built campus and its periphery for future economic, social, and environmental gain. Much of the property is occupied by ash trees that will be negatively affected by construction. As much of the Ontario ash populations are already at risk, are we willing to unnecessarily endanger more?
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Francene Francis