Liam Parker

ReFrame Review: Wintopia
Liam Parker reviews Canadian director Mira Burt-Wintonick's Wintopia. This documentary is a post humous collaboration with her late father, famous Canadian director, Peter Wintonick. "A brilliant blend of tradgedy, insight, wit, and philosophy," Wintopia is showing at ReFrame's COVID-ready online film festival from January 22-29.
ReFrame Review: The River
Liam Parker reviews 'The River' a documentary short that is close to home in Peterborough. 'The River' directed by Benjamin Hargreaves skillfully tells the story of The River Magazine and Faelan Dobbin, a local artist whose struggles with mental illness and disability in this film elucidate the reality of being low income in Peterborough.
ReFrame Review: For the Love of Rutland
Liam Parker reviews director Jennifer Taylor's 'For the Love of Rutland'-- a tale of 100 Syrian refugees in a small town in Vermont, USA. Parker concludes that this documentary "masterfully" balances this story about small-town life, through civil disputes over xenophobia and classism to very close-to-home scenes of the opioid crisis--in a place not all that unlike Peterborough.
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