Lucas Schaefer has joined the Arthur team as a parttime journalist in the summer of 2021. As a recent graduate from Trent, with a BAH in Psychology and Philosophy, Lucas plans on giving a variety of steaming and lukewarm (get it?!) takes on anything anyone will bear to hear him out on. A joyless communist columnist with an avid passion for ethics, chess, and other things people don’t care about. Listen to his ramblings as he tries to get better at writing, and see what you can take from it. Stay tuned for articles about videogames, media criticism, and quippy digs at people with a lot of money and power.

If you’re interested in being interviewed for a project, event, local happening, or otherwise want to get connected drop him a line @

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How chess taught me to blunder, beautifully
In this article Lucas shares his recent fixation on chess, and how it’s changed the way he thinks of failure. Read to enjoy how he’s learned to blunder beautifully!
Seven Things Settlers Can Do Instead of Celebrating C*nada Day
This year, as we grapple with the discoveries of what is now over 1 300 children found in mass graves at residential schools, many are left wondering what there is to celebrate on July 1st. So while you trade your red and white for an orange shirt, Arthur has put together a non-exhaustive list of steps you can take towards decolonization on C*nada Day this year.
Sports Are Cancelled, We're Gamers Now
Lucas Schaefer details what you can expect from the “gamer takeover” happening to Arthur’s sports section this summer. Check out what’s in store, and what we’re game for!
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