Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay has served as Editor-in-Chief of Arthur since Volume 58 and previously served as Coordinating Editor of Arthur's Volume 57. He is passionate about local arts and culture in Peterborough, as well as politics at all levels, including university governance.

As a freelance writer, his writing has appeared in KawarthaNOW where he writes about the arts and provincial politics and he is a semi-regular contributor to the music website DOMINIONATED. In another lifetime, Sebastian was a contributor to 102.1 TheEdge's music and concert reviews section.

Outside of print, Sebastian has written and produced a weekly radio show on Trent Radio called Great Canadian Covers and is the co-host of NOISEHOLE on Trent Radio where he serves on the station's Board of Directors. In November 2023, Sebastian co-produced a podcast series with Peterborough Currents detailing and explaining the 2024 Peterborough City Budget meetings.

Sebastian was part of the Arthur editorial team who won the 2024 John H. McDonald Award for Best Online Media Presence and was a finalist for the Canadian Association of Journalist's Student Award of Excellence for 2023.

In his free time, Sebastian bemoans the Toronto Blue Jays while cheering for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is proud of the fact he never believed Ohtani would come to play in Toronto.

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Latest Contributions
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Nine City Buildings Identified for Potential Emissions-Reducing Retrofits
A presentation by Efficiency Engineering Inc. to Peterborough City Council on June 17th outlined expected costs should the City decide to embark on retrofitting nine buildings to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50-80 percent over the next 20 years.
Council Grants Preliminary Approval for In-House Economic Development Division
Council granted preliminary approval of in-house economic development division and endorsed a call on the provincial and federal governments to consider economic impact of Fleming College program cuts.
Trent's Faculty Association Passes Motion Calling for Divestment and Permanent Ceasefire in Gaza
Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA), the union representing full-time faculty and librarians at Trent University, passed a motion on June 12th which calls for a permanent ceasefire and condemns scholasticide in Gaza and other Occupied Palestinian Territories.
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