Spencer Wells is a Staff Writer for the Volume 55 edition of Arthur Newspaper. His interest in student journalism began in his second year of study at Trent University, where he was invited to pitch an article for Arthur as part of a Media Studies practical work opportunity. Since then, he has continued to write a variety of pieces ranging from student politics (both on and off campus) to local news and event coverage. He expresses significant interests in the local arts scene in Peterborough, ON, as well as participating in detailed discussions about music with various nationally and/or internationally renowned artists. His other interests include co hosting a radio programme on Trent Radio, creatively writing for local zines, and scrolling endlessly through news feeds for hours on end (please make sure he gets enough sunlight, zoom university is tough).

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CFS Ontario's Sébastien Lalonde on the Student Choice Initiative Appeal Hearings
Robert Gibson and Spencer Wells interview Canadian Federation of Students' (CFS Ontario) chairperson, Sébastien Lalonde, about the ongoing fight against the Ontario government's Student Choice Initiative (SCI). The CFS organized an online gathering March 23rd to view the Province's appeal hearing. Student leaders from various Ontario post secondary institutions as well as CFS members voiced concerns about the ongoing legal battle, and what the SCI could mean for levy groups like student unions, students services, student spaces and more.
RPM Challenge: the 2021 Listening Listicle
To highlight the ever-expanding catalogue of music in the city of Peterborough and the Kawartha Lakes region, Spencer Wells provides a detailed list of artist submissions for the 2021 Record Production Month Challenge. This is the final article based on the Revvin Up radio miniseries on Trent Radio.
How Trent University Responds to an Outbreak on Campus
A recent spike in COVID-19 case numbers has caused the Region of Peterborough to escalate their control measures into the red zone. Spencer Wells reached out to Trent University on what new measures are going into effect to protect the students and faculty, as well as the surrounding community.
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