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Letter to the Editors, Volume 54 Issue 9: Anonymity

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Letter to the Editor
November 17, 2019
Letter to the Editors, Volume 54 Issue 9: Anonymity
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash.

Dear Leina and Lubna,

In two of your three latest editions, you have withheld the names of people expressing their opinions about federal politics — once in a letter, then in an article. This is a very disappointing stance for a publication that should operate in a more transparent manner.

Reputable publications only withhold sources of information in cases of a publication ban or to protect someone’s personal safety.

Not sharing your sources allows your writers to get sloppy and it means your editors are not setting the bar high enough for letter writers. It mimics the terrible practice of internet trolls who hide behind fake identities.

Please show your readers that you are willing to hold people accountable for their statements and teach your student readers the impact of speaking out publicly when they have an opinion to share.

And yes, you may print my name at the end of this letter.

Lois Tuffin

Former Peterborough This Week editor

Arthur News School of Fish
Arthur News School of Fish

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