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Les Invasions Barbares: The American Invasions
Community Contributor, James Forrester, reflects upon the history of American invasion over the course of colonial history in North America. Along the way, Forrester links the recent rise of right-wing extremism to the mass consumption of American disinformation as a new means of "invading" Canada.
Editorial: Poilievre's Win Is Canada's Loss
With Poilievre's win in the CPC leadership race, Canadian Conservatives have confirmed their faith in a leader who purports easy answers to complex situations and possesses an uneasy relationship with reality. The similarities between Poilievre and Trudeau, however, are the real issue at hand.
Why aren’t we talking about China?
In this op-ed, Connor Belbin explains why he thinks Canadians ought to be more concerned over China's human rights abuses, as Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig re-adjust to normal life after three years in a Chinese prison..
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