Haiku About the Weather: this one is silly! Here is a link to the Chilli Recipe mentioned in this segment...

COVID Update: Local info! and a vague and unhelpful update from Trent Prez, Leo Groarke!

Green Party Leadership RESULTS: this long and controversial race comes to an end! We chat about the winner, what could have been, and the never-ending cluster of controversy percolating this party and their former leader, Elizabeth May.

PARN Moves into the Old Greyhound Station: Finally some good news! We talk about this welcome change in our downtown, and what it means for our community.

'Producer Oriented' with Trent Radio

Opinions: spicy as ever! Are oatmeal and porridge the same? NO!

Horoscopes: As always, the best poetic horoscopes on the market, brought to you by @poetastrologers on Twitter.

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