2024 City Budget

Editorial: We Went to Cleantech Commons So You Don't Have To
The Arthur Editors ventured to the site of Trent's clean technology park to get a sense of what might one day be only to discover some beautiful City-built-and-paid-for roads, a few benches, and a roundabout amid a snowy, but doubtlessly shovel-ready, field.
2024 Peterborough City Budget Passed with 7% Tax Rate Increase
Peterborough City Council passed the 2024 budget during a Council meeting on December 11th and with it a 7% increase to the property tax rate – down from the 9.59% in the original draft budget presented by Staff at the beginning of November.
Budget Season Arrives in Peterborough as Council Faced with Potential 9.59% Tax Rate Increase
Peterborough City Staff are recommending an all-inclusive tax rate increase of 9.59% in order to maintain services across the City according to the 2024 Draft Budget that was presented to Councillors on November 6th. This is three times the increase for 2023 which stood at 3.15.
Currents x Arthur - Budget Week 2024
Why does a major street with three schools nearby not have sidewalks to begin with? Can the city really not afford to build one? And what does all of this say about the way Peterborough has been developing in recent decades?
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