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Seen Reading: Hell Light Flesh by Klara du Plessis
Local poet Angela Hibbs reviews Hell Light Flesh by Klara du Plessis, a recent publication from Palimpsest Press. Hell Light Flesh is du Plessis' second collection of poetry, and details family, punishment, and the ferocity and brilliance of creation. Hibbs reviews the collection and poses some questions to the author.
The Arthur Literary Review: A 2020 Holiday Listicle
Dante ties up the 2020 Arthur Literary Review with a beautiful bow. Take note of these readable recommendations for your friends, family, or for yourself.
The Arthur Literary Review: Atwood’s Poetic Justice
Dante Pettapiece's latest edition of the Arthur Literary Review responds to CanLit Titan Margaret Atwood's latest work, a collection of poems entitled 'Dearly'
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