Sex Shops and You, or Why You Should Visit One
Staff journalist Ian Vansegbrook presents an introspective look at sex shops, and their role both as facets of sexuality and identity, but also as vendors of sex toys.
What is "Bury Your Gays?": Examining a Contemporary Media Trope
Media tropes, cinematic metaphors, or simply the common themes which we see across genres of entertainment have engineered the foundational societal understandings of how particular groups of people, genders, or general happenings are presented. The “Bury Your Gays” literary trope, which appeared in the late 19th century, has since entered popular social discussion resulting of the aggressive social outcry which followed the on screen death of popular The 100 character in 2016.
Everything is Haunted: Take Cover Books Hosts Halloweekend Horror Panel
On October 28th, Take Cover Books hosted the live event Haunted Houses & Primeval Woods featuring horror authors Ian Rogers and Richard Gavin. The authors discussed their respective methodologies and appreciation of the supernatural, before moving into a question and answer period, readings,, and a book signing.
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