Everything is Haunted: Take Cover Books Hosts Halloweekend Horror Panel
On October 28th, Take Cover Books hosted the live event Haunted Houses & Primeval Woods featuring horror authors Ian Rogers and Richard Gavin. The authors discussed their respective methodologies and appreciation of the supernatural, before moving into a question and answer period, readings,, and a book signing.
Who Loves Trent Rowing?
In a exhaustive debrief from this year's homecoming revelries, co-editor Evan Robins examines the questions "Why is Head of the Trent?". What has brought us to this cultural moment, and what does it mean for Trent? And who, if anyone, loves Trent Rowing?
Living History Through Re-enactment
Newly-hired Volume 58 journalist Ian Vansegbrook undertakes a perilous journey to the far flung land of Hastings, ON, to experience first-hand the Deed of the Red Knight—a historical re-enactment with a focus on practical archeology.
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