ReFrame Review: Sew to Say
The 2022 documentary Sew to Say, directed by Rakel Aguirre, recounts the story of a woman named Thalia who began a non-violent, textile-based campaign in the 1980s to combat the proliferation of nuclear weapons—specifically the deployment of American cruise missiles to the United Kingdom as part of the U.S. Cold War strategy.
ReFrame Review: Periodical
Arthur co-editor Abbigale Kernya reviews Periodical, a film by Lina Lyte Plioplyte which follows a grad student's attempts to abolish the tampon tax in the USA, and destigmatize conversations around menstruation and menopause.
Women's History Month and the Overlooked Intersections of Race and Femininity in Canada
October Is considered women history month and this year’s theme favors an intersectional outlook. However, without a lot of the populace aware of this celebration, its effectiveness at spreading awareness is called into question. Evidently, the government did not do enough to celebrate women, address their unique challenges, and highlight their achievements.
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