Women's History Month and the Overlooked Intersections of Race and Femininity in Canada
October Is considered women history month and this year’s theme favors an intersectional outlook. However, without a lot of the populace aware of this celebration, its effectiveness at spreading awareness is called into question. Evidently, the government did not do enough to celebrate women, address their unique challenges, and highlight their achievements.
The Cyber Siren’s Strident Song: Why Tapping Into “Dark Feminine Energy” is a Stale Attempt at Female Empowerment
Ingeniously masked as uplifting, motivational content all about being dominant, assertive and—most importantly—sultry. TikTok’s modernized (but by no means, progressive) take on ‘dark feminine energy’ serves as yet another instigator of insidious comparison among women, fostering an environment of fierce competition, which is hypocritically rooted in appealing to the desire of men.
The White Wave of Feminism
Madison Marvin discusses the significance of decolonizing feminist movements to ensure that power structures are actively challenged, not just being reinscribed by ideals of long imposed by whiteness.
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