Glennice Burns

The Internationalization Industry at Trent University
Nicky Taylor investigates the circumstances of how the role of AVP International came to be filled by Glennice Burns and how the ramping up of internationalization efforts at Trent University have left the needs of students behind.
Levy Groups Face Cuts to Funding for Student Jobs
In this article, Nick Taylor investigates changes made to the Trent Work Study Program (TWSP) that resulted in many levy groups receiving far less funding than usual. Jill Staveley from Trent Radio, and Matt Jarvis from Sadleir House explain why this funding matters, and how it affects the levy community and the culture at Trent.
International Students Under-Supported by Trent's Student Rapid Relief Fund
A comparison of Trent University's financial support for international students and domestic students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Glennice Burns