Graduate Studies

"Setting the new standard": Advocacy Group Support Our Science Celebrates Wins in Federal Budget
The grassroots movement Support Our Science is celebrating a win following the announcement of increased funding for graduate and post-doctoral scholarships from the Federal government in Budget 2024. While this is a positive step forward some say that more work needs to be done to support every student at Canadian institutions.
Interdisciplinary Graduate Students at Trent Will Need Help in Navigating the Employment Landscape
I strongly believe that creating a middle-management position of program manager in graduate studies departments could help in remediating some of the employment challenges graduate students face during their studies and in their pursuit for employment afterward. 
Staff Shortages Lead to Payment Delays for Contractors at Trent University
Trent's ongoing issues with delivering payments to small contractors speaks to larger systemic issues within the structure of the university and the role it plays in overseeing research funds.
Radio Free Arthur
All three Arthur Editors are (allegedly) back in the studio and ready to face the Ides of March. With Evan and Sebastian both recovering from an (alleged) curse, the Editors bring a portent of prophetic significance: DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!
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