Housing and Homelessness

Think Twice About the Housing Services Referendum
Trent Students! Trent University wants you to foot the bill for a new position in the Trent Housing department, one that will help students find housing amidst PTBO’s housing crisis – a crisis they helped create. We encourage students to vote NO to Trent’s off-campus housing referendum. 
Perspectives on the Y-Lofts
Lauryn Sloos unpacks the arguments that have been made for and against the Y-Lofts apartment development in Peterborough’s downtown.
More Students, Less Housing
With the pandemic being a catalyst for disaster, community members, international and domestic students all scramble to find affordable housing in the battleground that the real estate market has become. In this article, Irene dives into the journey of incoming international and domestic students through the rental market, providing both first hand experiences and thoughts on the issue.
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Housing and Homelessness