Housing and Homelessness

Arthur’s Guide to the 2023 Peterborough City Budget: A Shamefully Editorialized Account of the Machinations of Municipal Politics
After a month of finance committee meetings and painstaking debates on everything from paramedics to pickleball, the City of Peterborough finally has a 2023 budget. Arthur has been on the ground covering the deliberations and drama as it unfolded: These are the highlights
Hope for a City-Funded Winter Strategy on Homelessness in 2022 Extinguished in Split Vote of Council
In the final meeting of Peterborough City Council in 2022, Council was split 5-5 with one withdrawn vote by Councillor Kevin Duguay on a motion to allocate $100,000 to community groups to forge ahead on a plan to address the homelessness crisis in the City.
No Immediate Action on the Homelessness Crisis as City Council Meets for the First Time
Peterborough's new City Council met for the first time on Monday December 5th. Over the course of three hours, multiple motions for immediate action to be taken on the homelessness crisis were struck down before the promise of a report from City Staff was approved with only Councillor Lesley Parnell voting against.
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Housing and Homelessness