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'It's a shitshow': President Leo Groarke Speaks Frankly About State of Post-Secondary Sector
During an open meeting with the President held on Thursday morning (March 7) Trent University’s President Leo Groarke addressed staff and faculty members on the current state of post-secondary education in the Province. 
Is Technology Ruining Schools? The Impact of Technology in Elementary School Classrooms
It is difficult to define whether or not the inclusion of technology in elementary schools is positive or negative. There are many contrasting personal perspectives and scientific articles on the matter. Technology is an extremely resourceful, helpful and convenient tool. But to what point does this convenience genuinely help young students learn?
"Gender Ideology" Protesters Met With Substantial Opposition in Peterborough
A large crowd of counter protesters gathered outside of Peterborough City Hall on Wednesday September 20th to send a clear message that Trans and Queer youth are welcomed in our community.
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