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Everything is Haunted: Take Cover Books Hosts Halloweekend Horror Panel
On October 28th, Take Cover Books hosted the live event Haunted Houses & Primeval Woods featuring horror authors Ian Rogers and Richard Gavin. The authors discussed their respective methodologies and appreciation of the supernatural, before moving into a question and answer period, readings,, and a book signing.
We're All Going to Barbenheimer!
Having decided to be "timely" and "relevant" in their cultural analysis for once, our intrepid editorial team endeavours to figure out [Jerry Seinfeld voice] "What's the Deal with Barbenheimer???" Will Barbie impart to them the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, or will Oppenheimer drag them into the depths of nihilism? Read on to find out!
The Age of Handheld Games, and What We Left Behind
Having recently rekindled a relationship with her Nintendo 3DS, Evan Robins reminisces on the earl-2000s era of handheld games consoles. Have they found a true successor in the Nintendo Switch, or has something been lost along the way?
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