Open Letter to Trent Security re: Racism on Campus
Domenica Othwolo, the VP of The Association of Black Students (TABS) writes an open letter to Trent Security, detailing the anti-Black racism that she and others have experienced in their engagements with campus security.
Slander in Cinema
In this article, Aimee Anctil explores the oft-overlooked racist and homophobic tropes in 'Mean Girls' (2004) and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010). Anctil reminds us that "we can appreciate art, we must also criticize it for what it is. No art is without flaw, and no film is without its biases."
Racist Landlords Pose Challenges for International Students
Irene Suvillaga displays the harrowing reality that racialized international students face in finding housing in Peterborough.
Black Girls Chatter
In this episode Shaela and Alicia dive into the history of carding in Canada, and how Doug Fords latest announcement on April 16th affects the BIPOC community.
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