St. James' "Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" Review
A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is a raunchy, rowdy musical about a young man who, after the death of his mother, realizes that he is eighth in line for the Earldom of Highhurst. Realizing his D’ysquith heritage, he sets out to shorten the line and wrest the title for himself. Adapted from the 1907 novel The Autobiography of the Criminal by Roy Horniman, the play debuted on Broadway in late 2013, and quickly became a smash hit, winning four Tony awards in 2014. 
Water Lilies : The Lesbian Empty and Feminist Abandonment
Louane Morin reviews Celine Sciamma's debut film Water Lilies, from the failures of second wave feminism to the cruelty of political lesbianism.
A Review of Laura Wade's Alice: Performed by the Anne Shirley Theatre Company
Anne Shirley Theatre Company is Trent’s student theatre company and a levy group. It is student run, from executives and artistic directors behind the scenes, to the actors you see on stage. They stage two shows throughout the year, a fall play and a spring musical, as well as a number of other events throughout the year. This year their fall play is a staging of Laura Wade’s Alice—a dark and comedic retelling of Lewis Carrol’s classic children’s story Alice in Wonderland.
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