Seasoned Spoon Café

The Case for Divestment
As the ramifications of climate change become ever more present, and the direct link between fossil fuels industries and global warming become ever more clear, Trent continues to finance the very same industry that in the 1980s privately predicted the apocalyptic consequences of oil and its emissions. Irene Suvillaga dives into the principles of divestment and its impact, fossil fuel companies’ influence on academia and Trent's reluctance to implement this action.
What's the Point?
We're back! Join us as we talk to Aimee Blyth and Cameron Teboekhorst about the Seasoned Spoon this fall, Zoe Easton of the Centre (CWTP) about recent changes to Walkhome and Madeleine Barberian of the Trent Film Society about some fresh movie recommendations.
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