Seasoned Spoon Café

“What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”: A Cooking Class and Workshop at the Seasoned Spoon
ood insecurity is not an unfamiliar topic, especially for students. This has many people asking “What’s Soup With Food Insecurity?”. The Seasoned Spoon and TCSA hosted a collaborative event by this name on Monday November 13th. The event included a cooking class and workshop surrounding the matter.
Clubs & Groups: The Seasoned Spoon
An entry from the Clubs and Groups page, Volume 57 Issue 4
Why You Should Care About Sustainability on Campus
Emi Habel makes the case for greater scrutiny by students of just how sustainable Trent University really is and poses some questions for the institution. While she awaits an answer, she makes the crase for why we should all care about sustainability.
What's the Point?
We're back! Join us as we talk to Aimee Blyth and Cameron Teboekhorst about the Seasoned Spoon this fall, Zoe Easton of the Centre (CWTP) about recent changes to Walkhome and Madeleine Barberian of the Trent Film Society about some fresh movie recommendations.
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