Peterborough Transit Makes Me Sick! My Public Apology
Arthur journalist, Abbigail Lewis-Maher reflects on a somewhat nauseating experience riding the bus in a witty commentary on the unreliability of Peterborough public transportation.
Back to Business for Trent's Central Student Association
The Trent Central Student Association's Board of Directors gathered for the first time this academic year to discuss committee appointments, executive reports, and the perennial issue of Peterborough Public Transit
Gridlocked and Loaded: Peterborough’s Tragic Vehicular Love Affair 
Coming to Peterborough for the sole purpose of its post-secondary facility, I am cognisant of the fact I am indeed a contributing piece of rubbish in the dumpster fire that is Peterborough’s gentrification, however, I still wish to see this fine town break free from the shackles of car-centricity and embrace a future where the downtown streets breathe and pulse with pedestrian delights, as opposed to dead malls and parking lots occupying what would be wonderful spaces for affordable housing. 
Radio Free Arthur
Arthur's editorial team are back and bedraggled, having spent the weekend packin' the shack and the better part of the week paying far too close attention to Peterborough City Hall. However, the news waits for no mere man, and so long as the busses keep runnin' and the river don't rise, our editors will be here to heed their divinely-orda
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