Tuition and Student Debt

Levy Groups Face Cuts to Funding for Student Jobs
In this article, Nick Taylor investigates changes made to the Trent Work Study Program (TWSP) that resulted in many levy groups receiving far less funding than usual. Jill Staveley from Trent Radio, and Matt Jarvis from Sadleir House explain why this funding matters, and how it affects the levy community and the culture at Trent.
A Half Empty Residence, a Tuition Hike, and a Message from Curve Lake: June's Board of Governors Meeting
Brazil Gaffney-Knox outlines the events of the Board of Governors meeting on June 25th, the final meeting of the academic year. Motions were passed, speeches made, (some) discussions ensued. TL;DR Curve Lake First Nation Chief, Emily Whetung commended Trent for its commitment to Indigenous peoples and positive relationship with Curve Lake, applications to Durham’s new residence are sparse and Leo’s “realistic hope” is that they’ll have half the promised capacity when school starts, BoG makes the “political” decision to increase to out-of-province tuition by 3%.
Why Now is the Time to Talk About Tuition
In this op-ed, Maggie Piper explains how COVID-19 has exacerbated the unaffordability crisis in post-secondary education in the province of Ontario, and how legislators and administrators alike have failed to respond to students needs. Piper asks, "Is our educational funding model prepared for the next crisis?"
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Tuition and Student Debt