Alexia Kambanis

I’m Alexia, and I love to write, make radio, and advocate for the power of campus media! I’m also currently being hosted by Arthur for my fourth-year forensics Community-Based Research project on crime reporting in local newspapers. When I’m not staring blankly at a Zoom window on my laptop, writing for Arthur, or working at Trent Radio you can find me at home making weird art projects or testing out vegetarian recipes.

Examining the Examiner: Covering Crime in Peterborough
In the first article for her Community Based Research project with Arthur, Alexia Kambanis examines the trappings of crime coverage in Peterborough. Does the Examiner’s heavy handed and often classist reporting lead readers to feel more unsafe? Is the upswell in the true crime genre--of podcasts, books, reporting--affecting the way crime is reported? Alexia is Arthur’s researcher in residence this Spring and she will be working on answering big questions about crime reporting through the lens of our very own, homegrown, Peterborough publications.
Letter to the Editor: It’s time to take back Peterborough ... somehow?
In this Letter, Alexia breaks down a recently published Letter to the Editor in the Peterborough Examiner.
The Frugal Student's Guide to Textbook Shopping
Alexia Kambanis outlines her tips and tricks for aquiring all the textbooks you need and saving money at the same time!
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