Editorial: So Many Thank-Yous

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

“What a year,” she said of 2019, despite it only being April.

It seems only fitting to take the time to say some thank-yous as the academic year comes to an end, and as Lubna and I move into our second year as editors here at Arthur.

Many thanks are due for our student staff and collective members. You routinely showed up to meetings, collaborated with each other, met their deadlines, and continued to participate in creating this paper — on top of full course loads, no less! I hope that you continue with the experience, skills, and relationships you fostered this year.

Thank you to the Cultural Studies department and Professor Joshua Synenko for helping facilitate a practical work option for Media Studies students to contribute to Arthur in lieu of an assignment. Though this has been happening for a few years now, reestablishing our relationship in the Fall semester has been extremely meaningful.

A thank-you to Trent Radio for the facilities to broadcast Arthur Hour on Wednesdays at noon all year. Having the space to grow and learn on the air has been indispensable.

Millions of thanks to the Sadleir House staff and tenants, all of whom have been immeasurably kind and helpful. Whether we needed to book a room or a quick pep-talk, it’s been such a privilege to share space with and learn from all of you.

So many thanks to our Board of Directors, all of whom have been nothing short of absolutely incredible as we look to Arthur’s future after the Student Choice Initiative. The directors’ immediacy and commitment never ceases to amaze me.

And of course, thank you, reader. If you’re a Trent University undergraduate student, I hope you’ll continue to engage with Arthur, and continue to contribute your levy. If you’re not, I hope you continue to read and share, too. You matter just as much to this community.

The times ahead are precarious, but if Arthur’s spirit can be called anything, it would be “persevering” — over 50 years of it. So enjoy the summer. And if the world doesn’t catch flames before autumn, may your fire be the light.

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Leina Amatsuji-Berry was Arthur's co-Editor-in-Chief alongside Lubna Sadek for Volumes 53 (2018-2019) and 54 (2019-2020). She was Arthur's Digital Media Coordinator during Volume 52 (2017-2018). She is a Trent University alumna, having completed a joint-major Honours degree in English Literature and Media Studies with the class of 2018. Her interests include intersectional social justice, social media, memes, critical theory & philosophy, and fashion. When she is not working, she enjoys writing poetry, drinking tea, and eating burritos and sushi. Her karaoke skills will blow you away.