With the persistent need to question everything and in return provide a rationale for the answers, Amelia Takacs has always held a profound appreciation for writing. The correlation between her knack for extravagant storytelling and an infatuation with the more mundane aspects of life, journalism seemed the only appropriate fit.

Just breaching the world of authorship, Amelia finds solace in writing just about anything. Experimenting with aspects of politics, student issues, or personable conversation if there is something to be said, Amelia aims to convey these ideas through writing.

While she spends the majority of her time within literature, either reading or writing, Amelia also engages with aspects of the arts through painting or music.

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Book Review: Beautiful World, Where Are You?
Sally Rooney’s 2021 novel Beautiful World, Where Are You is an articulate investigation of emotion as it relates to the phenomenon of self. Drawing on personalized experiences to create literary persons, Rooney’s continuous ability to convey depth through a thought-provoking narrative is uncontested.
Peterborough Historical Society Presents Speaker Series: “Rehabilitating Grey Owl”
The first of the 2024 Speaker Series at the Peterborough Historical Society presented Peter Blow as he showed his promotional film and spoke on Indigenous conservation and the work of Grey Owl.
ReFrame Review: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood
Amelia Takacs reviews Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, a film which accentuates the importance of cleansing the soul alongside the body, for the 2024 ReFrame Film Festival.
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Device that picks up speed?
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Pond growth
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