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Arthur Origami. Photo by Lubna Sadek.

Arthur Origami with the Trent Arts and Crafts Club

Written by
Spencer Wells
November 22, 2019
Arthur Origami with the Trent Arts and Crafts Club
Arthur Origami. Photo by Lubna Sadek.

In the midst of essay crunch times and post-break projects, there is hardly enough time to relax and concentrate one’s energy and attention to therapeutic activities. In an effort to relieve some of that stress, the team at Arthur Newspaper collaborated with the Trent Arts and Crafts club on Wednesday, November 13, to host a stress buster event. Arthur Origami and Collages was a relaxing opportunity to learn how to create origami using some of the stock of weekly newspapers that circulate around Trent University and Peterborough-Nogojiwanong.

Among the group were Rachel Taunton, Shannon Buskermolen, and Kathleen Tigwell, who helped and taught attendees how to fold the papers into Origami. The two main origami figures created at the event were cranes and Arthur hearts. As I learned how to use the papers for the craft experiment, Kathleen, Trent Arts and Crafts club President, mentioned that this exercise was “a great opportunity to reuse and recycle [newspapers] around campus, and to get creative with it too”. The event invited students and faculty alike to the Student Centre event space, where there were multiple stations of newspapers and a variety of craft exercises to do at ones liberty.

Arthur Co-Editor-in-Chief, Lubna Sadek, commented that one of the purposes of the event was to “make the newspaper more visible on campus, and collaborate with other groups on cool events and projects beyond what we offer at Arthur.” The Origami pieces that participants made were then displayed on the window facing the student centre entrance, showcasing the newspaper differently than traditionally seen on campus.

The Trent Arts and Crafts club represent the students on and off campus who share a collective interest in visual craft arts. Events of this nature are a great way to take advantage of Trent’s artistic community, especially in a time where the campus is becoming a viral artistic highlight.

Keep your eye out for the next Trent Arts and Crafts Club event through their social media.

Arthur News School of Fish
Arthur News School of Fish
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