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Shirazi performs at the Borderless Spring showcase at the Gordon Best Theatre on March 23, 2019. Photo by Miranda Zahra.

Borderless Spring Showcase Blooms

Written by
Miranda Zahra
March 29, 2019
Borderless Spring Showcase Blooms
Shirazi performs at the Borderless Spring showcase at the Gordon Best Theatre on March 23, 2019. Photo by Miranda Zahra.

On March 23, the arrival of spring was celebrated in the music community with the Borderless Spring showcase. A couple of local bands, The Watched Pots and Shirazi, as well as a Toronto band, Pantayo, got together to put on an incredible show at the Gordon Best Theatre. All of the bands played songs of different musical styles, which contributed to a well-rounded night that brought the community together. The night was lovely, gathering celebrating the work of local and non-local musicians.

The Watched Pots performs at the Borderless Spring showcase at the Gordon Best Theatre on March 23, 2019. Photo by Miranda Zahra.[/caption]The night started with The Watched Pots, an all-woman band from Peterborough, that uses its music to advocate for feminism in a comedic way. The women were dressed in aprons and were accompanied by a prop oven that they fondly referred to as their favourite accessory. By using a kitchen-y theme, they were able to illustrate the idea of women being ‘freed’ from the connection with domestic field and the expectation to be domestic. They had an upbeat and fun sound with lyrics about dismantling the patriarchy that were heard and accepted by the audience. The band has a show on Trent Radio called “30-minute Grammy,” on which they come up with songs based on suggestions from listeners. A couple songs that were created on the show were performed and fit the fun nature of the rest of their set.

The next band was another local band called Shirazi. They brought a collection of ethereal sounds along with quite a few instrumental songs to move the night into a more dance-friendly vibe. Their music is difficult to put into words, but is best described as sounds that are between the forest and the stars. Lead singer Sara Shahasavari mentioned how important Borderless shows are because they create safe spaces for people to express themselves and feel good. To her, gathering together to celebrate and enjoy music as a community was a way to fight back against the world going crazy. These ideas were clear in the music, as each of their songs were expressive and unique.

The last band to perform was Pantayo, a Toronto based lo-fi pop punk band. This band uses traditional sounds and musical themes from the Philippines to celebrate their roots, while introducing non-traditional instruments to mix with modern sounds as well.

Overall, the night was a good way to welcome in the spring while celebrating the music of the Peterborough community and others. The Gordon Best Theatre created an incredible space for personal expression and celebration for people to enjoy music they might not otherwise listen to. Those who were there seemed to really enjoy the event and were there to support all who stepped onto the stage, which added to the positive and supportive environment. Arts events like Borderless Spring show all of the incredible talent that is hidden within Peterborough as well as what can be created when different cultures and communities are brought together.

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